October 6, 2014

About Us

Master of Ceremonies (MC)


The leader of wedding party is a person called Master of Ceremonies (MC).
An MCs has to be able to control the audience, overcome problems as soon as possible, and manage the rundown as well as the overall wedding party.

A great MC, is an MC who has a lot of Experience.

Venus Entertainment has David Arredo as a special Master of Ceremonies, and many partners others with bilingual skills.

Musical Wedding Entertainment


Music entertainment is an important part which make a comfortable situation when a wedding party begins. Everyone in the world likes listening to music, including Bride and Groom at a wedding party. The suitable music genres for a wedding party are pop and soft jazz.
Venus Entertainment can provide you with a Baby Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Saxophone, Violin, Cello, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Contra Bass, Cajon, Percussion, and a mini / full drum set.
Musical instruments build a great atmosphere. Venus Entertainment has a new package of acoustic musical instruments : an acoustic guitar, bass, and Cajon. Venus Entertainment also provides singers with beautiful voices and a high quality sound system.Music is a taste. And everyone has a different taste for music. So, we are happy to be a consultant for your wedding party.
Please discuss your wedding with us…
Please enjoy our music entertainment on Youtube :

IMG_20150614_012004 IMG_20150519_010350

Special Effects


There are many things to build up in order that your wedding becomes more beautiful.
Special effect can improve the romance of your wedding party.
Dry Ice : You can choose one romantic moment in which the dry ice effect will be given
(see the picture on the left)
Bubble : Bubbles give a unique effect to your wedding party, you can choose 3 moments for the bubble effect.
Confetti : Many beautiful colorful papers enliven your Wedding Kiss / Wedding Toast celebration.
Fireworks : Like New Year celebrations, you can also bring romantic fireworks to your outdoor Wedding Party.
Snow : Enjoy the atmosphere of “Winter Wonderland” at your Special Wedding Party.

Multimedia Equipment


We can also provide an LCD, Screen , and Projector. Bring a special moment during your wedding party, invite your guests to watch your love story on your Photo clip, Video clip, same-day-edited video and your engagement Video. You can also use a funny story to describe your love story. Raise your wedding with the entertaining part of multimedia equipment.

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  • Hai,

    Kika akan wedding di bogor golf tanggal 30 Mei 2015 dengan undangan yg hadir sebanyak 500 orang.

    Minta tolong diinfokan harga dan contoh video mc nya.



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